You’ve made the decision to have Garage Force give you a quote for your floor and/or your storage needs, but what should you expect from that visit?

On Time

Our Garage Force team members recognize how valuable your time is and we are passionate about being prompt for appointments.  Whether it is for an estimate or for the actual coating work, when we set a time, we stick to it.  In the (extremely rare) instance of an unforeseen circumstance arising, our team will contact you directly before the appointment time to make the needed adjustment.


Our Garage Force team members will conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner.  They will explain the quote process and answer any questions you may have.


Our estimates will usually begin by testing for moisture in the concrete.  Any reputable coating company will perform a similar test.  The goal of this test is to ensure that there is no ground water pressure pushing up through the concrete that would interfere with how the coating adheres to the concrete.  While it is uncommon for us to encounter moisture issues, we always test the concrete.


We will take measurements of the area(s) that you are considering coating and calculate the area to be coated.  This is a critical step as it helps us determine the materials needed and is a primary foundation for the price to be charged.


We’ll then evaluate the flooring surface to determine what (if any) repairs are needed, as well as, if there are vertical walls to be coated, obstacles to work around, etc.


Once we have tested for moisture, measured the area and evaluated the concrete, our team will discuss (in detail) the type of coating that will best meet your needs.  We will ask about how you want to use the space, what color preferences you have, what type of coating would work best and any other items that are appropriate.

Once we have a good understanding of how you intend to use the space and what coating type will work best for you, we will show you a video of how the process for that coating style as well as photos of past jobs, colors, styles, etc. for you to consider.

Written Estimate

Then, the Garage Force team will put together a written estimate.  Once the quote is finalized, we will review it with you and email you a copy for your records and schedule your installation date. 

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing how we can best serve you.